Moving to Self-Service Across All Touchpoints in Travel

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Travel and hospitality are labor-intensive industries today that require manual effort at every step of the end-to-end experience. In some cases, human interventions will always be necessary along the way. However, self-service opportunities across all travel touchpoints are available to transform manual processes into intuitive digital guest experiences. Why Travelers Love Self-Service Options Self-service options…

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How Hotel Apps Can Create Friction in the Guest Journey

web-based check-in

One study finds that customers strongly dislike being forced to download apps to complete a transaction. Proceed accordingly. Most mobile users don’t want to be forced to download and install an app in order to complete a transaction, according to recent survey findings – and even when customers do it, they often dislike the process,…

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Personalized Experiences | Virdee

Using Technology to Create Personalized Experiences

As guests return from 18 months at home, they’re looking for new experiences and expecting top-notch service. Hoteliers, meanwhile, are struggling to find line-level workers and are moving more operations above property. Fortunately, the accelerated adoption of technology like Customer Data Platforms and digital communication tools are helping hotel companies provide instant gratification and personalized…

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