Every property type, every staffing model

Select service

  • Easy check-in and check-out via app, web, or kiosk
  • Give guests a self-service option and increase revenue via off-site F&B ordering

Full service

  • All amenities are shown directly in the app for easy upsells and upgrades
  • Technology becomes an additional service for your guests


  • Staff has the time to meet and greet guests face-to-face, help with check-in
  • Improve guest engagement through personalized touchpoints
Virdee at The Darcy
Virdde App - Phone in hand - main screen - hospitality

No matter your staffing model, Virdee technology improves guest satisfaction by enabling smaller teams to work more efficiently and make more impactful guest experiences.

Fully staff-less model

  • A hyper-modern, fully digital hotel where guests are 100% self service
  • Guests customize every aspect of their stay, from check-in to ordering amenities and check-out

Bridge the worker gap

  • Alleviate shortages due to tight budgets or difficulties finding the right staff
  • Take pressure off existing staff and increase guest satisfaction, e.g. through shorter wait times

Staff augmentation

  • Add value by freeing up staff time for more personal guest interactions
  • Increase staff efficiency by removing mundane data-entry tasks